The Hollandais System is a Winning Roulette Method Any Player Can Use.

The Hollandish Betting System is another common betting strategy for the game of Roulette. The interesting thing about the Hollandish Betting System is that, like the Martingale, D’Alembert, Labouchere, and Fibonacci systems, it is a negative progression system, but, unlike those systems, the amount that one bets to fulfill the Hollandish Betting System requirements is NOT dependent on the outcome of the previous bet made.

What exactly is the Dutch betting system?

A ‘Hollandish Block’ consists of the customary three spins required to complete the Hollandish. The next bet size is determined by evaluating the results of the previous block of three spins or bets. If all bets in a three-spin block win, the next block’s bet amount will increase by that amount, and if all bets lose, the next block’s bet amount will reduce by that amount.



The specifics of the Dutch betting system:

Although it is a negative betting system, the Hollandish Betting System is not as aggressive as other negative betting systems because it does not rely on the results of past wagers.

What is the procedure for Progression in the Dutch Betting System?

In the Hollandish Betting System, the rules for advancement are straightforward and work as follows:



If you wager $1, the subsequent amounts would be: $3, $5, $7, $9, $11.


The pattern above shows that the wager doubles every two rounds. So, if you placed a $2 initial wager, your betting history will look like this: $2, $6, $10, $14, $18, $22


If the latter, then the player must always raise his wager by a factor of four. Therefore, doubling initial wagers is the appropriate action to do at this time.


So far, so good. However, it is of the utmost importance that one understands that the Hollandish is very different from other progressive systems and that players cannot just work through progressions lines as they would with other systems such as the famous Martingale. In fact, while other progressive betting systems place emphasis on a single bet at each step, the Hollandish uses no fewer than three bets. When you reach the plus sign, you’ve won and can go back to the beginning of the journey. An illustration of this point is provided below:


To begin, the player must select one of the even-money wagers. (an example of this would be one of the two main colours on the roulette wheel). After that, you’ll start the progression sequence by making three consecutive bets of your desired amount. If black is your favorite color, you wouldn’t just place a single $1 bet on it; you’d place three separate bets of $1 each. If you happen to win two or all three of your bets, you’ll have to start over by wagering $1 on each of the next three rounds.


A loss, by Dutch standards, occurs when a bettor wins fewer than two out of three wagers placed and necessitates progression to Stage 2, consisting of three wagers of $3. If after placing three $3 bets you have a positive balance relative to your starting bankroll, you return to Step 1 of the progression and begin again. If your initial bankroll is far smaller than the recommended amount, you should move on to Step 3 of the progression and make three wagers of $5. Repeat this process until you reach plus, at which point you go back to the first step and begin again. Detailed illustrations of our points are provided below:


There Will Be Two StagesThird Level

If you risk $1 and lose, your bank balance will be $-1.If you wager $3 and lose, your bankroll will decrease by $4.If you risk $5 and lose, your bankroll will decrease by $9.

If you risk $1 and lose, your bank balance will be $-2.The result of a 3:1 win is a -1 bankroll.If you wager $5 and win, you’ll have a $-4 bankroll.

You lose money if you bet $1 and win $1.If you wager $3 and lose, your bankroll will decrease by $4.The result of a 5-1 bet is a 1 bankroll.

Now that you have a positive bank balance, you should increase your stake size by three dollars to $2. (while one can bet whatever amount they deem fit, we at CasinoTop10 do advise that players try to keep their starting bets on the smallish side as bets quickly rise and one will reach the end of their bankroll very quickly if they do not bet on the small side).

Holland’s betting system has its benefits and drawbacks.


The Benefits

You can turn a profit with an even number of wins and losses.

Methods of gambling that are less risky

What’s Wrong with That?

A losing run of successive bets, with the option to reduce bet size only after a winning streak of equal length.

It’s a sluggish system that requires many wagers to yield a single coin.

Betting Strategy in the Dutch System

When it comes to managing your money in the Hollandish Betting System, it is crucial that you set your bankroll well in advance of actually playing. Each player should create a bankroll that is both manageable and proportional to his or her income. A player should not have a bankroll that requires them to use their savings or rent money. In fact, the ideal thing to do is to have in mind a specific point along the progression at which you will decide to accept the loss and begin anew. If you’re forced to wager $20 per spin, for instance, you’re in this situation. If this happens, it’s probably not worth the risk to keep on. While your goals as a player should heavily influence your decision on when to walk away from the table, it’s important to always keep your bankroll in mind. In addition to never exceeding the limits set by your bankroll, you should never gamble with any money that you have earned. Furthermore, do not make the rookie error of betting all your money on a single advance. If you wanted to make a night of it (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), you’ll be disappointed to learn that your game will be over in a matter of seconds if you do the latter. Don’t try to accomplish too much too quickly, and don’t let a setback discourage you. After all, it beats riding out a losing streak, which will just cause your cash to dwindle further.

The Dutch betting system is designed for ease of use.


The Hollandish Betting System is a simple and effective betting method that, unlike its more aggressive siblings, allows the player to take his or her time making decisions. In contrast to the other tactics, the Hollandish does not lead to high stakes after a string of consecutive losses, especially if the losses occur early and in a sequence of three or more. While this is encouraging, it’s also worth noting that the system’s bets increase continuously even when there are more winning than losing spins, so caution is warranted.


In conclusion, if you are the type of player that values a methodical and uncomplicated approach to strategy, the Hollandish is the only option for you. Not only will you have no trouble understanding what’s going on, but this method also doesn’t require as much practice as some of the more well-known ones. However, before you start putting down real money, we recommend that you try out the free versions of our games to get a feel for how they work. To play Online Roulette like a Dutch person, all you have to do is peruse our toplist.

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