Overview of the Slot Game “Book of Ultimate Infinity”

The Egyptian-themed slot Book of Ultimate Infinity by SG Digital is the next game to utilize ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels feature. SG Digital is the third developer to license the mechanism, and they’ve given it a throwback spin in order to appeal to an older audience and boost sales for ReelPlay. In addition to the cutting-edge action, there is also a bonus game with symbols from a bygone era that extend to fill whole reels. Does it succeed to bring the ‘Book of’ formula into the digital age?

Although we may have used the word “modern,” the setting is actually rather old. The pyramids in the horizon, the Nile, palm palms, and temples; there’s really no other option when going with an Ancient Egypt theme. The clouds move leisurely over the sky to the tune of an Arabian-influenced soundtrack. It’s eye-catching and fun, but it’s also exactly what you’ve seen a hundred times before.

The Book of Ultimate Infinity may be played on any device with a betting range of 20 percent to fifty dollars or euros each spin. Because triggering free spins demands endurance through a sand storm of dead spins, this game tests your patience. The game’s temperamental instability means it may be exciting at times, and it has decent promise as a whole. The return to player of 96.5 percent is also not below par.

Three of the reels have four symbols on them at the beginning of each spin. If similar symbols appear on reels 1, 2, and 3, an additional reel will be added to the game. This procedure will be repeated until the rightmost reel no longer increases the win. To sum up, that’s the Infinity Reels setup. In addition, there is a limit of 50 reels, so it’s not unlimited. When a new reel is inserted for the first time, the win multiplier is doubled to x3, and it goes up by +1 for each succeeding reel.

At least five identical symbols, beginning with the first reel, must appear in order to produce a winning combination. The sum you earn is the sum of the values of the individual symbols in the winning combination. We begin with J–A aristocrats and work our way up to a queen, a pharaoh, a gilded statue, and finally a knife. A win for a combination of five premium image symbols pays off between 0.50 and 1.25 times the wager (0.10 to 0.25x the bet per symbol). Keep in mind that occasionally the numbers get a boost from things like multipliers and extra reels. A non-Egyptian-looking wild, which may substitute for any symbol save the Gold Book and Expanding Symbols, also contributes to a higher frequency of wins.

Slot Machines Featuring the Book of Ultimate Infinity

In addition to Infinity Reels, the Gold Book scatter awards free spins. The bonus is activated in an unusual way: before each spin, one of reels 6–15 is picked at random to hold the Gold Book. If the winning combination of reels reaches the one you’ve chosen, you’ll get 10 more turns. In other words, you can’t activate the bonus unless you increase the number of reels to at least 6.

A unique expanding symbol is selected at random before each round of free games begins. The unique icon does not change if the free spins feature is re-activated. Regardless of whether the win is increased, getting a book or special symbol on the rightmost reel always adds another reel. The expanding symbol acts like the ‘book’ symbol in traditional slots in that it expands to fill the entire reel when it appears on two or more reels.

Conclusions from the Book of Ultimate Infinity Slots

Just as Bill Hicks may argue that evolution didn’t stop when we developed thumbs, so too does SG Digital prove that ‘book of’ type video games can continue to progress. Book of Ultimate Infinity exemplifies the portability of ReelPlay’s infrastructure in one key respect. The original, the in-game jackpot, the Megaways, and now the Book of Ra variation—they’re all here. Is it finally time for a slew of new versions of old slot machines? Having SG Digital on board may completely unleash the floodgates.

The flaws in Book of Ultimate Infinity are the same as in the other versions. In other words, the game’s outer layers may change, but the meat of it—the grind—remains unchanged. It’s possible to grind it out because to the frequent lack of results and the infrequent but substantial payouts. It’s not uncommon to have a string of wins over many reels, accompanied with a significant multiplier, but then be left wondering what happened to the balance of your payoff. Megaways, which previously appeared to provide some variation into what was becoming an increasingly repetitive basic game, are also noticeably absent.

The map below the reels expands and contracts to show the location of the triggering scatter, which is a lovely touch. The uncertainty of where the dispersion will appear next is heightened by the fact that it moves about. Book of Ultimate Infinity, once activated, stands out as the most compelling in the series. That’s also where people can win the $250,000 top prize that’s been set. Again, you’re at a disadvantage due to low symbol values since it’s easy to end up with a pile of symbols that’s worth next to nothing.

Fans of Infinity Reels or growing special symbols may like Book of Ultimate Infinity, despite its shortcomings in comparison to genre classics like Book of Dead. Overall, it’s one of the better Infinity Reels offers in a while since SG Digital did a decent enough job of harnessing the mechanic’s powers with a feature not seen in them before.

To Not Lose

If you’re interested in playing additional slots with the Infinity Reels feature, we recommend Emerald’s Infinity Reels, a leprechaun-themed offering from Relax Gaming. Dragon’s Fire InfiniReels, developed by Red Tiger, is an alternative game engine with comparable features.

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